Based on the urban resort concept, the jewelry brand Kui Co., which launched simultaneously in Japan and the United States in 2015; its creations instantly give you the feel of the summer breeze as they are worn.

Kui Co. express the world’s beauty through “KUI Colour” blending our love for decorative arts, traditional craftsmanship and mother nature.

“KUI Colour” is the expression of the vibrant colors, sophisticated patterns, and elegant textures of our creations, echoing beautiful, exotic places around the world; the casual yet refined ambiance resonates.

We want you to experience that same relaxed, happy and lively feeling when you wear KUI jewelry. It sets you free, giving you the feeling that anything is possible, dreams can be made real even in the concrete jungle. Through KUI Colour, we share our inspiration and our happiness with you, wherever you may be.

Welcome to the world of Kui Co.


Our brand is inspired by artistry and refined craftsmanship of ancient Japan and European countries, and the beautiful scenery where nature and aesthetics of human instinct resonate.

We hand-pick rare semi-precious stones and incorporate high quality Japanese cylinder seed beads to create pieces with patterns and colors like no other. Each hand-crafted piece has its own story to tell, and a wondrous place to take you.

We also get inspired from gifts of mother nature like the whisper of a breeze, the lapping of waves on a beach, the play of crystalline sunlight on water, we believe that this kind of serenity can be captured by something beautiful—a piece of jewelry with a unique alchemy of color and texture—that in turn stimulates similar feelings for the wearer. 

Japanese quality

“Made in Japan” is such a simple phrase, yet it evokes an image of exceptional design and high-quality production.

The product has a story to tell about Japan and embodies the craftworkers’ ethic of Monozukuri. It literally means making things. It is infused with a deeper impression of skilled craftsmen pouring their heart and soul into their work, striving for perfection regardless of time or cost. This traditional idea is probably the most important influence on contemporary Japanese product design.

Monozukuri is the commitment by the designer and manufacturer to do their best possible work by refining and redesigning repeatedly.

Designer's BIO - Yuki Akiyama

Born and grew up in Japan with a unique opportunity from a young age to interact with international communities.

 She grew passionate about traditional craftsmanship and art that transcends generations through numerous visits abroad. Kui Co. is a fruit of her passion and desire to experience the true essence of creation. 

Launched in 2015, after collaborating with the US apparel brand ANTHROPOLOGIE in 2016, in autumn 2016 she relocated to Paris to pursue design activities. From the back stages of runway show in Paris Fashion week, to the atelier of Haute Couture, life as a Parisian bathed in elegant beauty of European culture and latest trends pushed to develop skills in identifying and project inspirations.

Now relocated back to Japan, she continues her activities subtly marrying Western and Asian senses into her creations.

幼少期から日本国外の文化に触れる機会を持ち、各国の伝統工芸の美の表現に興味を持つ。2008年、NYで生活している際に訪れたペルーの美しい織物やその色彩に感銘を受け、以来、時代や国境、文化を問わず人々が魅了されるデザインとは何かを常に探求するようになる。その後、長年の趣味であるフラワーアレンジメントの習得から異素材の組み合わせや立体構成のバランスを養い、独自の色彩感覚を織り交ぜて、ジュエリーを通しての表現活動を開始する。2012年に日本でジュエリーブランドを立ち上げジュエリーの制作販売を本格的に開始、2015年にはKui Co.を共同でNY拠点に立ち上げ、クリエイティブダイレクターとしてすべての表現を担当する。日本の大手百貨店やセレクトショップ等にて販売を行うほか、2016年春夏には米国大手アパレルブランド、アンソロポロジーとコラボレーションモデルを製作し、シグネチャーイヤリングを全米で販売。

2016年秋からはフランス・パリに拠点を移し、ブランドのポリシーである”Made in Japan”のクオリティーを世界に発信すべく、パリにて創作活動を継続する。そこでの生活を通して、遥か昔の時代から今日まで長い歴史でつながるヨーロッパの文化、芸術を再認識し、膨大なインプットとともに改めて自己の美的感覚を再構築しながらそれをジュエリーに表現し作風を広げ、地元パリでもKui Co.のポップアップショップ等開催する。またヨーロッパ最大の国際見本市の一つ、Premiere Classeに出展し、ヨーロッパ域にエリアを拡大してKui Co.のジュエリーを販売する。



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