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Signature Earrings

Hand-crafted ‟Urbane Resort” themed collections feature exquisite textures, patterns, and colors echoing beautiful, exotic places around the world. We create a unique chic paradise and translate it into wearable art that is fashionable for every day.

We are obsessed with the small details. We handpick rare gemstones from all over the world, and the designer and our artisans incorporate high quality Japanese cylinder seed beads to create pieces with patterns and colors like no other. Each hand-crafted piece has its own story to tell, and a wondrous place to take you. 

Kui Co.の定番コレクション。デリカビーズに天然石や淡水パールを合わせて、一つ一つ丁寧にワイヤーでパターンを描きます。

美しい自然や景色からインスパイアされた鮮やかな色合わせに、素材のテキスチャーと輝きが加わり、身につけた時に非日常に触れた時の高揚感をもたらしてくれるSignature Earrings。自然体で気取らない美しさをお楽しみください。​

MIYUKI (Delica) beads

The Japanese are known for producing the finest quality seed beads because they are the most uniform. There are three major factories in Japan that produce glass beads: Miyuki, Toho and Matsuno. 

Miyuki’s cylinder bead,  known as a Delica bead, is tubeshaped and extremely consistent in size — without the rounded, bulging sides common to seed beads. When woven they fit together beautifully. Delicas have large holes for their size (which accommodates multiple passes of thread), they require little culling, and they come in a huge variety of colors. A finished project using Delicas would weigh less than a comparable seed bead project, since the walls of the Delicas are very thin. 

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